GOMACO Corporation, a leading manufacturer of equipment for the construction industry, is headquartered in Ida Grove, Iowa, USA, with international offices in the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Today, GOMACO's "smart machines" are equipped with on-board computers. These computers can be programmed to control grade transitions, the elevation and steering of the machine while constantly monitoring the hydraulic and electronic systems for malfunctions. If any malfunctions should occur, the computer will shut down the affected system or systems, preventing the possibility of a defect in the finished product. A display on the control panel will then alert the operator to the type and location of the fault so it can be easily corrected in a minimal amount of time.

GOMACO pavers also can be equipped with dowel bar inserters (DBI) and the In-The-Pan dowel bar inserter (IDBI) for the automatic, computerized insertion of load transfer dowel bars in the concrete pavement during the slipforming operation.

GOMACO's designs and concepts have pioneered many aspects of slipforming concrete construction. GOMACO equipment will slipform concrete for streets and highway paving, sidewalks, recreation and golf cart paths, curb and gutter, median barrier, parapet, monolithic sidewalk curb and gutter, irrigation canals and waterways.

Additional equipment includes automated grade trimmers for accurate subbase preparation, concrete placer/spreaders, slipform paver/trimmers, pavers for slopes, texture/curing machines and cylinder/finishers. GOMACO Corporation has played an important role in the design and engineering of technological advancements in concrete construction equipment with more than 35 US and international patents. GOMACO is committed to continue seeking design solutions as future technology evolves to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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